The Building and its Achitecture

The magnificent Kilden Performing Arts Centre is located on the waterfront, Kristiansand - Norway.
Kilden is a monumental landmark building for the arts in Southern Norway.
With a gross floor space of 16,500 square metres, Kilden is a monumental landmark building for the arts in Southern Norway.

Kilden's magnificent achitecture has been met with both national enthusiasm and international recognition. The architectual style is recognisable and unique, designed by Finnish architects ALA. Kilden Performing Arts Centre opened in January of 2012.

The materials used for the main facade are of local sources. The monumental and abstract wall, covered with oak, makes the guests, as they pass through the entrance lobby on their way to auditoriums,  move from a natural landscape into the realm of art.

Further more the Kilden's wonderful acoustics are as celebrated as its architecture, ensuring it a place among the very top international venues. The most noticeable thing about Kilden's acoustics is the nuanced and detailed fulness of its resounance. Adjustable sound reflectors in the ceiling makes it possible to regulate the acoustics, so that every note and every instrument is heard, creating a resonant experience that is quite extraordinary.

In addition to Kilden's four unique auditorums, the spectalcular foyer is a natural meeting place and venue for events. The foyer also houses Café Kast Loss, the Box Office, cloakrooms and bar facilities as well as offering a wealth of opportunities for new impressions and experiences.

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