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Kilden Performing Arts Centre

Kilden Performing Arts Centre in Kristiansand will be the biggest arts centre between Oslo and Stavanger when the doors open for artists and audiences in the autumn of 2011.

The centre will have a price tag of 1.1 billion NOK (2003 value) and present a gross area of 15 000 meters square. The volume is 128 000 cubic metre - which is to say that Kilden will have space enough to accomodate almost anything, both literally and figuratively speaking.

However, the most striking feature is nevertheless the organisational aspect; the fact that Kilden is to be the joint centre for three independent institutions: Agder Regional Theater, Kristiansand Synphony Orchestra and Opera Sør (the regional opera company). In addition, Kilden vill act as an arts centre with a host function - for local amateurs and professional artists alike, both domestic and international.

Kilden has four halls that may be in use simultaneously, so that the building may have room for audiences of up to 2270, depending om the character of the events. The Concert Hall is the biggest with its 1185 seats. The Theatre and Opera Hall holds 700 seats, and the Multi Hall and the Intimscenen holds 235 and 150 seats respectively.

Kilden Performing Arts Centre is owned by the Kristiansand Local Council and the Vest-Agder County Council, who have contributed with 305 and 87 million NOK respectively to the financing. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs contributes with 408 million NOK, and the arts foundation Cultiva with 300 million NOK.

The decision to build Kilden was made in 2002. The architectural competition gathered 95 participants from Europe, North America and Asia. In 2005, the Finnish architects ALA Architects were elected winners. The groundwork on the site at Silokaia commenced in 2007.

Kilden is situated almost in the middle of Kristiansand city, but at the same time in surroundings characterised by nature and with the sea as its closest neighbour. You may even arrive by boat when going to the theatre or attending a concert. Close by you find the Fish Market, parks and leisure boat marinas. Museums, flats, a cruise ship terminal, shops, canals and promenades are also planned to be established here. And in the middle of this cultural diversity lies Odderøya: Kristiansand's green lung with bathing bays, fishing places, walking tracks, cultural monuments and relics from the wars - and its own small herd of roe-deer.

The officional opening is to be held on January 6th 2012, followed shortly by music festivals, premieres of both theatre and musical, concerts etc.

By mid-October 2011 you are welcome to visit the spectacular foyer of Kilden Performing Arts Centre as we open our doors for a sneak preview of the house - including guided tours.